Monday, January 12, 2009

What others have experienced with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?

While I am new to consuming VCO, many others have experienced their coconut cure. Here are some of the testimonials from consuming VCO for their health.

Name : Melvyn Colin Ivan Storer

Address : 7 Apple grove Orchard Rood Hook Surrey

              KT9 1BE England UK

Disease : High Blood Pressure & Headache

I suffered from high-blood-pressure and headache. When I travelled to Malaysia, my good friend told me about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil that is very great without any mixture of chemical substances, drug nor preservatives. When I surfed the internet, I found that Virgin Coconut Oil has long been consumed by the European and American community; but it has been mixed with particular substance so that it is tastier and easy to consume. Therefore I chose the pure virgin coconut oil, the product of Bioasli, Malaysia. I went to the company office to get the product information from En. Ishak, the owner. After my first consumption, my headache got worse but it is now gone.

Name : Anuar

Disease: Thyroid


I suffered from thyroid and had just undergone a surgery. After the surgery I experienced irritation on my neck when sweating and had difficulty to swallow food.

At first I thought that it was the positive impact of the surgery, but then the irritation didn't go away. As a result of the continuous irritation I tried the Bioasli product – Virgin Coconut Oil plus Black Seed Oil (VCOHS) that I heard is very good for internal and external health. After drinking 1 teaspoon VCOHS twice a day and applied the VCOHS on the affected area, the irritation on my neck healed. I also feel more energetic. Now, I'm one of the monthly loyal buyers.

Name : anonymous

Disease: Hemorrhoids

I had suffered from this disease since 5 years ago. A specialist said that daily defecation especially in the morning indeed is encouraged to ensure our body's health; this is because toxic inside the body can be removed during excretion process. For me however, it was like a nightmare because it is painful whenever I did the defecation. 

But VCOHS consumption has cured the hemorrhoids. I can also feel that my immune system has improved.

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