Monday, January 12, 2009

When aging process seems more real…

If you like the products that I described in my previous posts… you are welcomed to try all the virgin coconut oil-based products. Profit is not my main motivation; I just want to share reasonable priced quality health products that could possibly save our money. How these products save money? Because they can prevent us from even deadly diseases. So, we are safe from having to pay costly medical treatments.

Men usually do not pay much attention about health tips as much as women… me either. But, as I time goes by and the aging process seems more real, I turned to virgin coconut oil-based products as my natural sources of anti-aging treatment. The products are:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Soap
  • Mas Cotek + MIsai Kucing + Stevia Herbal Tea
  • Virgin Coconut Hair Tonic (men) POLO
  • Virgin Coconut Hair Tonic (women) HUGO
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules + Black Seed
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Honey
  • Mas Madu herbal Juice
  • Lotion Power 3 Lines
  • Lotion Kamar Sutera


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